Cindy Jenkins I did my reading this afternoon, absolutely amazing !
Katrina Stallo Pope I had a reading this morning and she knows what she is talking about. She is amazing and I would love to meet with her again.
Haeley Templeman

August 8 at 4:54 PM ·

I believe 100% that I was connected through to a loved one.. its unbelieveable but at the same time so real. I want to say thank you so much, because not only do I feel so much better about the passing of my loved ones, but I feel a sense of closure as well. The information that was given and the way she let them come through was beautiful and very surreal. Once again, thank you. So much.

Sheree Glasscock‎ to Savvy Psychic Medium

13 hrs ·

Oh How I Celebrate You !!! Your Truth Beauty , Your Unending Capacity Of Love , The Clarity Of Your Vision And The Voice You Give To That ......How Grateful I Am For Your Touch In My Life !!! Thank You For My Reading ...... Happy Trails , Love Sheree Glasscock

Cindy Dawn‎ to Savvy Psychic Medium

· Yesterday at 2:43pm ·

I just had the most FANTASTIC reading with Savvy!!! I believe that our loved ones who have passed so often want to communicate with us, but unfortunately are unable to directly. That's where an awesome medium like Savvy comes in. She has been blessed with an incredible ability to be the conduit for us to receive communication with our loved ones. I truly do not know how she does this, but she really does!!! You know it's the real deal when she reveals things in the reading that nobody but you and your departed loved one knew! If you have never had a reading with Savvy, I would highly recommend it! She is AWESOME, and prepare to be AMAZED!!!

Cindy Dawn‎ to Savvy Psychic Medium

March 23, 2013 ·

WOW is all I can say about Savvy and her wonderful gift for communicating with those now in Heaven!!! Her accuracy is unbelievable! She brought me so much clarity and peace after communicating with my granddaughter recently. I would highly recommend a reading with her if you are missing a loved one! I can't wait to have another one! Thank you, Savvy!!!

Traci Estes-Caldwell‎ to Savvy Psychic Medium

·May 9, 2012 ·

I Talked to Bonnie today first off I would like to say what a sweetheart you are, and 2nd I feel more peace inside then I have felt in a long time. She didnt rush thru it even though she was running late for work she took the time and talked to me about many of my relatives that has moved on and she said many things that only they would know lil phrases that you heard from a parent or grandparent "Nicknames" as a child she was 100% right. I have wasted many hours and never hung up feeling so fulfilled with a reading. She does let them guide her for answers while you tell her nothing she was and is amazing. I have been carring a heavy cloud in my soul for a long time and she let me know that the smartasses are just fine waiting for me lol.I never once felt like it was a ploy I felt she was real and I will come to her over and over if she let me lol. Never had someone so one and so honest and I could feel she enjoys her gift and she dont abuse the special gift I love you Bonnie you made my day today when I needed it the most.

Traci Estes-Caldwell‎ to Savvy Psychic Medium

 May 14, 2013 ·

Its been almost a year since I have talked to you. You said many changes was about to happen in my life well I am here to say you hit it right on the head life has changed in so many ways. I almost couldn't keep up. But I was able to hang on and made it thru like you said. Thanks and if you see anything really good that is going to happen let me know lol Love ya girl. Thanks,Traci.

Ina Groen‎ to Savvy Psychic Medium

 March 9, 2011 ·

hello savvy
ones you give me a reading and you told me i hear love you like the oceaan someone said to me tell here i love here like hole the oceaan and you no thats my grandfather he wass talking to you. because when i wass a kid about 10 years old whe go to the oceaan and than he pickt my hand and told me ina you see the oceaan and there is no end of the oceaan and my child that is how much i love you i love you endlees and for ever also when am gone and in haven i will always love you like the oceaan.that savvy wass so wonderful when you told me that because nobody new this that wass for my grandfather and me. and i, i always love him.bless you for that moment


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Yesterday at 11:55 PM

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Jacob London You blew my mind with absolutely amazing readings! We have never met and I was very impressed.
Deborah Burdette‎ to Savvy Psychic Medium

January 31, 2013 ·

Savvy was recommended to me by a friend who I had only known a short time, but he swore by her abilities. I first met her when I had the reading and I can only say I was completely blown away. My father had passed seven years earlier and my mother within the year. Both came through completely loud and clear. Savvy was able to relay personal information to me from them that ONLY they would have known, even small details including nicknames they had for me. She communicated particularly well with my Mother, who was a real character and at times during the reading, Savvy seemed to even to take on some of her mannerisms and words as if she were actually channeling her. I have had readings from other psychics, including the great Sylvia Browne, for which I paid $800, and they didn't even come close to the accuracy and detail that Savvy gave me. She is the real deal and if word ever gets out just how good she is, I have no doubt she will become famous. I feel honored to have gotten in "on the ground floor" as it were. She is the REAL DEAL folks!!!

John Lori‎ to Savvy Psychic Medium

April 13, 2011 ·

I have had an extended reading with Savvy and i must let you all know what a burden has been removed from me.She is very very good at what she does and would recommend her sevices to all who need help in your personal /emotional psychie. Toatally Awesome,loretta johnston

Cara Bradley

February 22 at 7:06pm ·

I am sharing this for the second time! My aunt Bonnie is a psychic medium and will give you a reading over the phone! She has given me 3 since 2013 and each time she proves more and more she is THE REAL DEAL.
If you are interested in hearing insight from your late loved ones (and even sometimes strangers who just follow you around cause they fancy ya) she is your lady!!
Add her and she will connect you with the people you miss! They have not forgotten us, they protect us every day!
One of my friendly ghosts saved my life two days ago by jumping in my head and telling me to "RUN" So I ran. And then I wanted to know more, and she confirmed that I was not alone, I had an angel.
Your angels can talk to you too! She's the messenger!

Thank you so much auntie bongie!

                           Jeff's Testimony

LINDA F. WACHOWIAK 5-21-60 TO 2-25-05 Within Reach A Testimonial To Spiritual Awareness


My name is Jeff and I want to share my experience on a reading that was done recently by a great friend of mine on Paltalk. Her name is Savvy_Soul or Bonnie to most. She is a psychic that really touched and healed my sadness by opening up the possibilities that just because we leave this earth as a shell, our souls never die. Following is a testimonial of the reading she did for me. She channeled my wives spirit who had passed away in 2005 from cancer. She spoke right through Savvy from sayings to simple times of remembrance that only my wife would’ve said or felt. I knew at the very moment that she was heaven sent to give me a message that she is ok and for me to not be sad for she was ok and would never forget the times we shared. As she was doing the reading my brothers spirit and sister in laws mother also came to stand by my wives side to which she told Savvy “No No Me First” and that was truly her for she was outspoken and never left it to assumption. I thank Bonnie for allowing Linda (my wife) to come into her and experience the loving and canny soul that I fell in love with. Savvy likes my wives presence and it shows in her readings and visual smile. As well Linda loves Savvy’s heart and soul as a safe haven for communication and as her private messenger. Thank You for letting me share this with you and may God Bless You All.

What a awesome gift you have.

Thank you for giving to me some special message's from my beloved son.

You surely are gifted, and a very special, compassionate women.
I've never had a reading like this before and found you were absolutely correct in everything you passed on from him.
He surely lives on in spirit! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and found great comfort in speaking with you.
May you continue to help those who need you. Blessed Be.........

Joan Jordan
Savvy Macheras connected me to my late maternal grandmother, my late uncle and my own child whom i lost pre-natally. This was done over the Atlantis.......sorry......the Atlantic, ;) , between USA and England.

I was a skeptic.

I am no more a skeptic.

No other words to describe this Savvy Lady! ♥ ♥ ♥

Subject: Chuck from South CarolinaSavvy,I had to thank u so much for comeing into my life an bringing Mom to me.I had to cry afterwards cause fo the joy your gave me!!Everything you said was what Mom an i talked about befor she left.I have been down for two years until now!When u said ( you are not alone, Got ya ) is the words Mom said I would hear to let me know that she is with me.Only Mom an I knew of this!!Your have brought so much joy in my life I could never repay You for it!!The others word that u spoke of the secret only four knew of an my sister cryed with joy!!Your are the greatest an thank you so much!!Love Your ForeverChuckWalterboro SC