Troops of Love

Troops of Love has been set up to help organize troops of family and friends that can and will reach out to people who need help.

There are so many people who need help these days, most are one paycheck away from being homeless, if they aren't already homeless.

There is no reason for anyone on this planet to suffer from hunger, cold, lack of shelter.

Our goal is to get people to come together with their friends/family to help fight this epidemic that has become the norm in society. By grouping up into troops you can help more people with less impact on yourself.

Here are a few ideas:

If you are aware of someone who will lose their electricity, needs their car fixed, needs food, needs shelter or whatever need they have your troop can join together and make a difference.


IE: If someone's car broke down and it's going to cost $100 for the part to fix their car the troop can all contribute and hopefully one of the troop knows someone who can install the part... If someone/a family doesn't have food the troop can each take items from their own cupboards and provide that person/family with enough food to feed them for a week if not longer... If someone/a family doesn't have blankets or warm clothes the troop can clean out their closets and provide warmth (clothing). If you have a garden or chickens (for eggs) those are also wonderful things you can share that would make a great difference in someone's life while helping you with "spring cleaning" or de-cluttering your space/life.

I know you are probably thinking there are already organizations out there doing these things, YES you are correct, but the organizations are doing this under governmental guidelines ie the person in need can only be helped once a month or year depending on the organization.


Keep in mind this also includes churches who are now providing food pantries with governmental funds and they also must follow the governmental guidelines before they can help people in need.


ALSO, the majority of charities are only using 10% or less of your donations towards helping the people that the funds were intended to provide for. But I assure you, their CEO's are living large (thanks to your contributions) and their children don't worry about being cold or hungry in fact, they are probably basking in the sun by their pool (that your contributions have provided for them) without a care in the world.

We have left this in the governments hands for too long as their strategy is obviously NOT working, if it were working there wouldn't be so many people in such bad shape.  Let me add, it's working for them, not US, not WE THE PEOPLE!

I believe that by joining together as troops within one year we can and will see a marked difference in the lives of those in need around us.

Build your Troop of Love for the future of humanity