What the Collective Great Awakening is:

To know something you need to understand it.

We are going to roll back time to understand how we got to where we are.  We will get to the heart of the matter, as they say.

We must understand the true ties that bind us together and how they have been ripped apart in so many ways.

We must understand that we are and have been slaves.

We must understand that every single aspect of our lives has been constructed and created to control the masses.

Biblically speaking, there are many written accounts detailing specific events and aspects of our true selves and our abilities.  I'm not promoting the bible per say, only because too many have had their hands on it.  They couldn't REMOVE it but they could alter it.  And they did.

Some of us as children and others of us as adults had realized/started realizing some things didn't make sense.  Some things just weren't adding up, they weren't right, they didn't fit.

When you start opening up and understanding your true selves these things will become clearer and make much more sense to you.  The most important thing now is to hear it, read it, know it so that when you are ready you have already been equipped with the base of knowledge.

We are all connected, always have been, and although you may not see it now, always will be.

This planet is a battle ground between Good and Evil.

The tower of babel was not created by God as they would lead you to believe, but rather by the other side as a means of separating us, only one of so very many ways they utilized to keep us apart.  They continued on their paths of our separations to implement other means leading to our disconnect from one another. 

Their divisions stretch far and wide to neighbors, friends and family.  Especially family, those who we should be able to count on and trust the most without worry or fear.

They keep us divided using politics, race, gender, thoughts and RELIGION.

They have infiltrated our collective mindset to weaken the collective as a whole.

They have turned us one against the other.

They have systematically trained us away from our abilities, those parts that make up our very selves, parts of our souls and have enslaved us and continue to use enslavement practices.  They are so proficient at it that they even have the slaves training new slaves.

They use entertainment, media and propaganda to teach us how to act and react in all aspects of our lives. 

They control us by emotions and fear.

They have created a "box" that is constructed of limits and labels for us us all to live in. 

We all come here with only one thing and that is love, everything else, ie emotions and mindsets have become a part of our daily lives that keep us entrapped in their matrix web. 


We can and will break free, we are breaking free!!

The main component they use against us is negativity, sadness, sorrow and fear..  It's a horrible thing to witness, one negative can bring down an entire group if it's not recognized and stopped. 


Initially we were pulled and trained away from who we are. You can see that from the start we have been in the battle between good and evil in their attempt to divide and conquer us.  Some of these things took place so slowly that they happened under our noses, right in our faces and we were left blissfully unaware and ignorant, UNTIL a day, THE DAY came and we started seeing things from a different point of view and we realized the destruction and devastation we allowed to happen.  THAT DAY is The Great Awakening. 

At this time we continue to remain their slaves by allowing ourselves/our lives to be dictated by negative emotions and in ways you never considered or realized, these are chains that we must throw off of ourselves .  We need to realize and remember that we are being called upon to use our discernment to determine the validity of what we are shown and told.  In all of there lies, there must be truth somewhere.    Negativity keeps you in slavery and keeps you furthering their agenda. 

This is the time to take back our true beings and the freedom that comes with it. 

There are those of us who've not been fully entrapped by them.  We are here to help you!  There are NO LIMITS.

We come together to take our place in and  as the collective that we are.

From the beginning they have worked to turn us from the All MIGHTY GOD.

I am so happy to be one that has come back to him and helping and watching others find their way and or come back to him.


One of the biggest fears of the other side is that we re-establish the connections and bonds.

The Collective Great Awakening Is God's Revolution.