Guide for Medium Readings

Below is information that you should familiarize yourself with before receiving a reading from me.

1) YOU CANNOT TELL ME ANYTHING before or during a reading.  If I ask you a question only give yes or no answer even though you might want to expand on it please do not.

2)  I am an EXTREME FEELER meaning, I feel what they felt (not nec. at the time of their crossing).

3)  More than one person can come through during a reading.

4)  The people wanting to connect do not have to be related to you.

5)  Often times I am given "impressions" that I have to put into words (not the easiest thing to do) as well, they will say and show me things.

6)  Different "feelings" are indicative of similar occurrences, i.e. crossing while in a coma feels like crossing in your sleep and sometimes is indicative of being "high".

7)  They don't tell me your personal business and they don't tell me their personal business.

8)  I have laughed and cried during readings.  If I laugh it is not because I am making fun or don't take what I do seriously, it is because sometimes they say things out of nowhere that are funny or because of the overwhelming feelings they are sharing with me.

            Cindy Dawn‎ to Savvy Psychic Medium

WOW is all I can say about Savvy and her wonderful gift for communicating with those now in Heaven!!! Her accuracy is unbelievable! She brought me so much clarity and peace after communicating with my granddaughter recently. I would highly recommend a reading with her if you are missing a loved one! I can't wait to have another one! Thank you, Savvy!!!