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Message from the Other Side (as a collective whole):

"Not time, space or distance can keep us apart. 

Souls NEVER separate, only the flesh is gone."

Look to God for peace in these trying times and let your soul rest within his presence.
Everything is coming together as it is intended to.
God explained something to me and I'm here to share it with you. 
We've heard "the dead in Christ shall rise" that doesn't mean bodies coming up out of graves or wherever.  He told me "You have been dead in Christ" and of course he is correct.  Many years ago we had a blow out, God/Christ and I and I've been separate from him since.  Until now.
Looking around you can see folks, walk-a-ways who have found their way back to our Lord and Saviour.  This, itself, tells you that everything is happening.
Look to GOD not man for your answers, he holds them all. 
Believe me when I tell you I know how hard it can be not letting yourself get caught up in everything that is playing out today.
Put your faith and trust back where it belongs and hold on tight, we are in for the ride of our lives.
collective great awakening.jpeg

In 1997 God had given and shown many things about coming days and what would be happening.

The Coming (is bringing us together) and The Journey (will take us where we need to be).


There is a battle between Good and Evil taking place.  There will be a sea of red.  If you pay attention to what is going on around you you can see other waking up, things are clicking with them this is THE GREAT AWAKENING (TGA).


The step past TGA is what is taking place now and is bringing us back to who and what we truly are, back to THE REAL. 


Everything before now has been orchestrated, we have been systematically trained from who and what we are.  We are so incredibly powerful they could never have been successful had they not blocked our memories/knowings/knowledge.


Souls are awakening across the planet, it is time to take back your true being and have the existence you were meant to have.


Welcome to COLLECTIVE GREAT AWAKENING, my precious soul family. 


Nothing can stop what's coming.



The TRUTH resides in us all, stop looking to things outside of yourselves for answers.  Look to GOD, not man. 


The Collective Great Awakening IS GOD'S REVOLUTION!

The trumpets have sounded as his presence is acknowledged.

More are coming back to seek his guidance and bask in his glory.

Indeed he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and soon a day

is coming where you will regret turning away from him and his


Lean on him for the comfort you seek and thy days shall be blessed.

These are the days of darkness and dispair.  FEAR NOT for he is with 

you always bringing the light that overcomes the darkness.

Trade not your soul for things that cannot and will not benefit you,

instead come to God and return to the place that awaits those who chose LIGHT over dark.




We Are The Collective


All will be corrected as all is CONNECTED.

Not one is separate, our souls connect us all.

There is much to be said about the collective and I will go into it very soon.



Some Will Stay, Some Will Go


The time has come to choose your side.  If you remain on the fence you have

chosen your side. 



Knowledge Is Power


I, and others, will be sharing more information with all who seek it.  You

must also VERIFY things you are told and use your own discernment.  The 

TRUTH is innately within us all.

More to come.